Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5th Post - I wonder if Scotty ever found out?

Yep. A reference. I am so lame,but whatever! I'm listening to that odd song now, but oh well. It's been a few days, but that's because I've been focused on other things, like...sleeping...and other stuff... I've just been upset, but I guess that's life. Anyway, I failed alot of assignments today. When it comes to algebra, I'm totally screwed. I'm going to fail it and not pass the EOC and then I'll never get out of there. Why is it so hard? Because my teacher is evil. Spawn of the devil probably. It wouldn't surprise me. I mean,OK , I'm a bit lazy, but it'd help if he'd explain it in a way that an average human like myself can understand. But whatever. I will worry about it when it's that time, Iguess.
So, about the dude I like.... I spoke to him yesterday. This is how it went...
Me : Hi! Want a mint?
Me : Are you sure? They're delicious!
Dude : NO ...but thanks for offering.
Me : Ok then, See ya later!
...........................................................For me, that was perfect. To him, I was trying to poison him. Today he avoided me at all costs. It's like I terrify him. He even seemed scared yesterday. Apparently, I'm terrifying. Geez.... It's bad when someone is more of a wuss than me...especially in friendly situations. He probably thinks I'm creepy. I don't blame him.
Enough about that though. My friend wants me to loan her money to get the new pokemon game. The thing is though, she never pays me back....Frustrating. Also though, today is Mardi Gras! I'm a minor, so I'm too young to partake in the festivities(not to mention, nowhere near New Orleans) We had a dressup day at school. It was nice to wear the beads and such. Anyway I can't think of anything else to write, So....
Regards from me, Mossygreen

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