Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3rd Post - Ninjas attacked...No really! Well kind of...

Yes they Did! I know you think they didn't...but they totally DID. They came right into my gym class, socked me in the jaw, and went on their merry way! Those bastards!
Ahh yes, Ninjas. What a lovely way to start the month. Today was weird, and really stupid, but I guess I'll explain the dumbest thing about it : The "Ninjas" ........ Okay so it was gym class, or the pretty term for it, "Lifetime Wellness" But anyway,  We were dressing out, but my shirt got stuck on something. So I pulled and pulled...and when the shirt got free, it made me punch myself in the face and bruise it. Yeah. It sucked and when I explained what happened to the nurse she laughed at me. Even the sick kids laughed at me. Maybe they aren't so sick after all now are they? >_<  But still it sucked, but at least the swelling's gone down.
So like I said, Ninjas suck for doing that! Silly ninjas... ;)
Moving on, we decided what classes we'd be taking for next year. I have to take Biology before Chemistry, and that upsets me because I'll forget pretty much everything I learned in the prerequisite(don't know if that's spelled right) So I'll flunk Chemistry. Wonderful. More classes to fail. Not to mention, the Biology teacher is evil.I'll flunk Chemistry. Wonderful. More classes to fail. Not to mention, the Biology teacher is evil. She's works you crazily. It'll be terrible and I'm dreading it. Especially since she hated my brothers. But at least it won't be until August or January. I also have to get in math from a dude who is a good teacher but he makes me nervous. I don't why but he just does. He's one of the teachers though So I don't see why...Maybe I'll figure it out at some other time.
We're having a dance in 10 days. That means I have 10 days to find a date or it's going to suck. And I have to go, date or not, because my mom thinks I'm not social enough. I am so social enough... How is it my fault that most people at school hate me? But still, I'm a wimp so I can't ask a guy to the dance... I hate how wimpy I am. There's this guy, and he's really cool, but I don't have the guts to talk to him. I was right next to him on the way back from lunch, and I chickened out. Why am I so stupid? I want to go to the dance with him, but I don't think he even knows my name. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm weird though, because he knows this guy, who knows my friend, and the guy thinks she's weird. So he'd probably think I'm weird because he'd judge me by my friend's actions (Don't you hate high school bullcrap?) I'm too wimpy though, So I will probably be dateless. I'm used to it though.
So that's enough about my pathetic life for today! It can't be very interesting, so sorry about that. Anyway, today's entry was a long one! Hopefully it won't be so long tomorrow. Especially since I usually end up talking about nothing(nothing important,anyway.)
Regards from me, Mossygreen

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  1. wow that post was a little glitched... it repeated some of the stuff I wrote. oh well.